Nayara Vieira beanmeupkaldi
The aroma of coffee always brings me good memories. Memories of my childhood in the mountainous state of Minas Gerais – Brazil, where coffee is a pillar of the economy and a “cafezinho” a token of hospitality. Insightful and joyous encounters with friends and cherished moments of solitude are often accompanied by a brew.

Over the years, “the bean” and I have crossed paths many times. Through the tales of coffee farmers I heard growing up, through my barista training and practice days with one of the icons of the coffee industry and now as I venture solo to explore further, the intricacies of coffee and how they entwine with so many aspects of life.

As I persist on my unrealistic quest to master the German language – life is too short to learn German, once said a wise man – I discover Munich’s coffee scene one brew at a time.

Suffering of severe wanderlust, my backpack and I will often be seen in cafes across the map. Personally, a coffee among the locals is the most interesting way to get a glimpse of a culture while travelling and more valuable than a hundred clicks of a crowded landmark.

The right way to drink coffee? That’s not for me to judge, but I’ll have mine black with no sugar so please grab yourself a cup whatever way you desire and let’s talk about coffee!

Nayara Vieira – BMUK