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barer61 munich cafe

It is winter in the northern hemisphere and today even the sun has succumbed to the blues of the season. The clouds have set the tone and the dress code suggests at least one shade of grey. The trees refusing to comply have stripped their branches nude and until the next season their leaves will remain away.

People pace their way through the streets, everyone has somewhere to be. Some seem to be running out of time, others no longer need to chase it, some lucky ones having discovered its secret now just savour time.

As I park my bike and walk into BarerĀ 61, it is as if I had just walked into a bubble vibrant hues amid the gloominess of this Monday afternoon. From the chandeliers to the cushions and the walls, all shapes are complimented by bright tones blending to create lively patterns and make this place little haven of colour.

Barer 61 - Barerstrasse - Munich

Barer 61- Munich

The faces and voices around me suggest this cafe is a point of encounter for the locals. Old friends, people in suits, lone readers searching for shelter away from the bitterness of the weather.

The vivacity of the attentive youngsters running the place and popular choice of songs also collaborate to create an uplifting atmosphere. Service deserves an A or 1 as we do it in Germany.

barer61 munich cafe

Located in Schwabing, one of the most expensive districts of Munich, Barer61 offers a simple but tasty range of wraps, baguettes, piadinas and focaccias at very good value and the tuna wrap I tasted can definitely attest for the quality.

barer61 cafe munich

On that note, I must add I’d not choose this cafe if the sole purpose of the visit was its coffee. It is bland, watery and left a burnt aftertaste. I guess, just like its brother cafe Koenigin43, the focus of Barer 61 is not on the coffee it serves. Still it can be a nice place for a tea.

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