BMUK 2.0 – let’s try again!

 It has been a while since I last sat down to write. My list of plausible reasons not to give it another try seems to have kept my brain convinced that there is not enough time or that I need very specific conditions to be inspired.
The truth is, once something has been dormant for so long, it is hard to bring it back to life. Bean Me Up Kaldi is my baby. It took me as long as a pregnancy to get the idea out of paper and press the publish button for the first time.
And over the last few months, I realised I am not ready to let it go. There is a spark still burning and I am too grateful to this project and all it has brought me, to let it be simply a memory.
Between SEO tricks and Instagram’s seduction game, I lost sight of the goal and drowned myself in terms and ideas that were not mine.
Yes, I love to explore the nuances of The Bean and the subtle alchemy of pairing my seasonal favourite roast to cakes or even a cheese platter. But if you are looking for someone to connect over how cool you are because you know all the latest gadgets and can pour the perfect flat white on an avocado skin, then I am not your girl!
I love the aroma of coffee brewing in the morning as I prepare breakfast, I am into the whole economical and political points regarding this powerful commodity, I love how “Let’s have a coffee”  can be a secret code to heart-pouring talks between friends and believe me, sometimes even between strangers.
I want to share the tales of cafes and the people  that cross my path. I want to celebrate how coffee bring us together and how it witnesses the most beautiful moments and I will not lose my time scrolling up and down latte art pictures and other coffee quirks.
Will you join me on the BMUK 2.0 venture?

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