Cafe Dominique


The winter seems to have given in to the advances of the Spring. The days, here in Munich, are a little longer, a little warmer. I sense the cherry blossoms are just waiting for the curtains to open and their official turn to flourish.

The shades of blue that come with the winter are becoming more colourful. If you look close enough, you will see that the sun rays are tickling our moods and as the trees and buds get ready, hunched shoulders stand a little taller and I swear, I can almost see some grins of hope.

I guess, the spring awakes in us some feelings we somehow let hibernate.

So, just as unpredicted as warm days in February, I decided Wednesday afternoon was the perfect time to sit down in a pretty place and enjoy my company. Without rush, distractions or laundry to deal with.

Sunglasses on, I walked to Cafe Dominique. The cafe is one of those gems hidden in plain sight.  I got lost once looking for it but today, I knew exactly where to turn to get to Brienner Hof.

I walked or some may say, marched with purpose to the cakes on display, it was a date after all and I wanted to make my time with myself special. To my delight, the chocolate fudge cake was as soft as one would expect and as I enjoyed it, I contemplated, why do we always make time to nurture friendships, relationships, to network but hardly ever take an hour off our  busy schedules to simply be alone and enjoy it without guilt?


Most cafes I like have character and in a natural way manage to create their own thing. Gang und Gaebe and its vintage look and jazz playlist or Café Blá its aesthetic Icelandic charm, for example.

The artwork on the walls of Cafe Dominique make it special and add elegance and prettiness to the ambience. For the right price, you can take a painting home.


To complement the French flair of the cafe, the menu tricks you through your taste buds into believing you are in France. Okay, maybe you will need a little imagination too. Baguettes, tarts, wines, cheeses and more. I’d say, Cafe Dominique caters for most tastes and pockets.


Specialty coffee drinkers, would describe my cappuccino as too dark and Italian for their liking. I on the other hand, loved the simplicity of the latte art on it. It went well with chocolate, if you ask me.


An hour passed, I looked around a lady smiled at me, she sat alone and seemingly without a worry in mind. Perhaps, she was on a date with herself too.



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