Cafe Marais – a trip to another era

Cafe Marais

Every city has its own little hidden secrets. Places you would never have known unless you took the time to explore or by a strike of luck. Cafe Marais is one of such places. It is hidden not so far from central Munich on the Westend but far enough to be easily overlooked.

The door to Cafe Marais is a portal to another era, where time strolls by to allow visitors to savour the beauty of each detail. Once a haberdashery, the cafe keeps the original setting and what a delight it is, to grab a coffee and set off on a quest through the jewelry and colourful ribbons and buttons of Marais.

Almost a magical portal

Almost a magical portal

The coffee is as pleasurable to the eye as it was to my eager taste buds. Dark but not burnt, creamy and certainly not bubbly. A cappuccino as the Italians intended. A refreshing harmony between quality and appearances.


A flick through the menu shows that Cafe Marais caters for all tastes by offering traditional breakfast options, salads and pasta. Uncomplicated and spot on, I’d say.

Service with a genuine smile will always add a warm touch to any surrounding. Cafe Marais seemed to be a popular spot for the locals and I would imagine, the quietude of my late Tuesday afternoon visit will not happen over the weekend.


From my cosy table by the window, I watched life happen around the cafe. Whispers between old friends, timid laughter behind the vintage counter, rushed steps, the sound of coffee brewing. All in harmony. Until the sound of modern times brought me back to 2018 delivering the urgent query: What’s for dinner tonight?!

Parkstraße 2, 80339 München, Germany

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