Cafes in Europe – La Ménagère


The day started lazily and the sun appeared to be in a frolic mood. It played hide and seek among the clouds, refusing to surrender to the charming advances of spring. But not them, they were infatuated and pronounced their admiration for the season in the colours of their clothes and in the hopeful sparkle in their eyes.

They unconsciously reached for one another’s hand as they slowly strolled through the medieval streets of Florence, looking in amazement at every building. Buildings that had some much to tell. Stories of a past filled with geniuses and prominence and a present of youthful chattering where moments can never be fully lived but are for eternity captured.

Hopping from churches to cafes, they let themselves be seduced by the enticing aroma of the coffee that was constantly brewing everywhere in the city and having lost track of time they stumbled into a trail of flowers.

The cafe

Cafe Le MenagereAs they examined closer and curiously entered the cafe La Ménagère , they were impressed by the successful combination of sophisticated arrangements and the rustic setting. The cafe seemed to have mastered many trades, it sold colourful roses and elegant orchids and served the contemporary take of the young chefs on a variety of Italian delicacies.

Delighted with their surroundings, they sat at the bar and ordered an Americano. It  was then pointed out that in Italy, one should never stray too far from the “espresso way of drinking” and they learned the tasteless way never to  so indelicately disrespect the local’s habits. Having learned the lesson, they ordered a “cafe” aka espresso, which despite not making into the competitive list of the best espresso the couple had tasted in town, it was not all that disappointing and rumour has it that sources its coffee La Ménagère responsibly and locally.


Leisurely, they watched the baristas juggling coffee cups and cocktails glasses, the man so immersed in his virtual reality he did not care to participate in this dimension, they heard friendly laughter and engaging conversations echoing from a youthful and stylish crowd.

E.T, then busted into his intriguing thesis of comparison between the timeless glory of cafes Gillis and Pazkowski and the undeniable popularity of the well-designed and business-oriented cafe La Ménagère.


Does this cafe represent the contemporary face of Florence? Will it survive the merciless effect of time and trendsetters? A few sips and some valid points later, the economist in him concluded: “ This too shall pass”.

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