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Café Blá

Today I woke up with a craving to try a new cafe. I glanced at my list and at random picked Café Blá. I suppose the originality and even strangeness of the name appealed to me.

Café Blá is nestled in a quiet street parallel to the Isar. Easily accessible from town or the Gasteig and just a stone throw away from the Deutsches Museum. Lately, I find myself often roaming over this side of Munich and have become quite fond of its charms.

Café Blá Muenchen

I ordered a Colombian brew and sat down to catch up with some ideas. Soon Stephanie Bjarnason, the mind and hands behind the business joined me and I was set for an afternoon of friendly chatter and insightful stories.

Stephanie is a mechanical engineer who after taking a sabbatical at home – daring, don’t you think? – answered, honestly, the question “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” and kick-started the process that led to the opening of Café Blá last October.

The space is small. Geometric shapes and hues of blue unroll over the white walls creating a clean and pleasing decor.

Café Blá la marzocco

Café Blá

Given its location, I’d say most of its clientele just stumble across the cafe by chance/luck or are the up to date coffee aficionados of Munich.

“Liebe geht durch den Magen”, believe the German and most of the world. So the top-notch quality coffee and waffle-based breakfast should ensure Café Blá a large crowd of hopelessly in love customers in no time.

cakes Café Blá muenchen

Now let’s talk about coffee! The roasts Stephanie developed with one of the most knowledgeable roasters in town – Wolfgang Helmreich from Vits – is a treat for the palate. The quality of the beans are highlighted by a balanced body and acidity.

If you are the curious type and have a high tolerance for caffeine, ask for the Coffee duo or if you are feeling brave then go for the trio which consist of an espresso, a filter and a espresso based milky beverage. It will take your taste buds on a flavourful ride through the nuances of coffee.

I must warn you, once you start exploring all these facets of specialty coffee, there is no turning back into the dark side of the bean.

Inspired by the deeply-rooted coffee culture in Iceland – the owner’s home country – Café Blá celebrates the Nordic coffee culture and how coffee goes beyond the beverage itself. It creates experiences, inspire feelings and effortlessly bring people together.

As a captivated admirer of the bean, could not agree more!

Lilienstraße 34, 81669 München


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