Cafes in Munich – Cafe das Maria

Cafe das Maria!!!

Bean Me Up Kaldi is still taking its first steps in the wild world of blogging, however it has already led into many cool stuff and the opportunity to guide different Brazilian women through the cafe scene of Munich every month, is certainly one of them. Our last date took us to trendy Glockenbach, read along to experience Cafe das Maria through the eyes of 12 brasileiras.

Cafe das Maria goes for a quirky oriental look. Clean and yet eye-catching – I guess, the unexpected statue of the virgin Mary does the trick and unpretentiously has all heads turning.

Maria herself :)

Maria herself!

Most of the girls found the ambiance cozy and welcoming. Although I agree with the latter, the poor acoustics took any homely feeling away for me.

Papo Cafe at Cafe das Maria!

Cafe das Maria!


The cafe found its way to our hearts with a mouth-watering menu. The mixture of traditional recipes and modern take on oriental dishes was unanimously the highlight of Cafe das Maria. All dishes ordered tasted as good as they looked – keep up the good work guys.

Nothing short of great!

Nothing short of great!


Regarding the service, I stand on the fence. My dates with these Brazilian women are always filled with laughter and interesting conversations. On such pleasant occasions, it is easy to compromise and let things slide. However telling customers to stick to their wrongly made cocktails is stretching our good mood and flexibility a little too far.

I have given Cafe das Maria a second visit. Again the service did not impress me or my companions, but some of the guys were polite and accommodating. I  I would go back. Surely not on weekends though.

The coffee served are the roasts from the well-known Emilo Roastery. As usual, a balanced dark roast with some caramel and chocolate notes – perfect pair for a slice of cake.

Kaffee und Kuchen

Taking everything into account, I have to be fair – Cafe das Maria is inviting and a delight even for the most demanding palates.

Papo Cafe as we call our monthly rendezvous is going onto its third edition soon and it is showing that coffee is indeed much more than a beverage. In this case it is a bridge that brings home a little closer.

A little bit of Brazil in Munich!

A little bit of Brazil in Munich!

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