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Cafe Lotti Schleissheimerstr. 13 Serie Gast und Wirt Foto Ralf Kurse 24.04.2010

On my way home after a pleasant afternoon at Cafe Lotti, I caught myself wondering: Do women really like pink or is it just what we are conditioned to believe?  The under zero temperatures stalled my thinking and I could not get to any conclusion. So let me tell you a story about the cafe instead.

Each cafe has a personality of their own. Of course, they are influenced the people behind the scenes and their views of the world or purely by market trends. Still I like to watch the surroundings and the people each cafe attracts.

Cafe Lotti, for example,  appeals to the feminine that lays wide awake or camouflaged in some women. Its walls are pink and white and complemented by flowery curtains and glassy chandeliers. Imagine an adult-sized doll’s house.

Cafe Lotti

Cafe Lotti

Cafe Lotti

Cafe Lotti

Although everyone is welcome, you would agree that – for the lack of a better word – such girly setting does not appeal to most men and many women, right?!

The cafe, however, is well-known for its brunch and has made the top 5 best breakfast in Munich more than once. On the busiest days one should not take their chances and just turn up without reservation, you will most likely be turned down.

Still to be tried but it does look tasty!

Still to be tried but it does look tasty!

I have visited Lotti on a few occasions, always by someone else’s suggestion. I must to say, the food has been consistently good. The menu ranges from bagels and crepes to different weekly offerings and the cafe sources some of its ingredients locally, which has earned them a brownie point on my books.

The coffee ranks well in its category – a dark and smooth roast by Dinzler but coffee is definitely not the star of the show.

cafe lotti coffee

Cafe Lotti  is always busy and the girls on duty do their best to keep it running smoothly but on all my visits I have never felt wowed by their service. Perhaps, I’m still influenced by the way the Brits do hospitality.


Cafe Lotti – Schleissheimerstr.13, 80333



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