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Markus PostrachMarkus Postrach

As the idea for BMUK’s  “Bean There Drank That” section started to gain shape, I knew that I didn’t want it to be a diary of my favourite cafes. Such approach would limit a vast and wealthy culture to my liking and that would be rather pretentious.

Through my stories, I aim to take you along on this delicious ride and let you create your own impressions and hopefully share them with me – I love hearing your suggestions and feedback. So this week, I’ll share a cafe I discovered last year and has become a favourite – Gang&Gaebe.

Gang&Gaebe was love at first sight. I adored the simplicity of the setting. The wooden furniture paired with a towering Giesen roaster managed to achieve a casual yet elegant look and more than ever I agree that less is always more.

Gang&Gaebe - by Markus Postrach

Gang&Gaebe – by Markus Postrach

When it comes to music, I navigate through different genres but always go back to black and surrender to the beauty of Jazz. Gang&Gaebe shares the same love and its playlist is a treat to the ears.

If all the above wasn’t enough to render me helplessly in love, this cafe offers quality coffee too.

The coffee beans are sourced responsibly and skilfully roasted by the owner to bring out the original notes of the coffee – go in for a brew and you will understand what I mean.

By Markus Postrach

By Markus Postrach

Gang&Gaebe is within the third wave of coffee – if you are not familiar with the term just check here. Its medium roasts are a bridge between waves which is indispensable in a city where the majority of coffee drinkers are still quite conservative and Italian regarding how they like their coffee. I will elaborate more on a coming post but note there’s more to coffee than what we can imagine.

The cafe is a haven of quietude amidst the buzzy surroundings of Kapuzinerstrasse. It’s a perfect setting to catch up with friends, work and in my case just indulge in a cup of coffee and a bit of Jazz.


I must warn you though, there are not many options for snacks so be aware before popping in. I would hate for hunger to blur your judgement and prevent you from appreciating the charms of this little gem.

So, what is your favourite cafe in town?

Kapuzinerstr.12 80337





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