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By Arvid HuligBy Arvid Hulig

Spring is teasing us over here in Munich, timidly shedding warm rays and sporadic clear skies as it politely invites the winter away to southern lands. As a Brazilian, I cherish every time the Sun comes out from playing hide and seek among the clouds and  take these special occasions to explore different neighborhoods and its cafes around the city. On this post, I would like to take you on a stroll through the charming streets of Haidhausen and for coffee at Kaffee Kueche.

By Arvid Hulig

By Arvid Uhlig

Haidhausen is known for its French flair and village within a village feeling. An area a little too modern for the old residents, who have watched it debut into one of the most popular districts in town but still with a much slower pace compared to Schwabing or Glockenbach.

Right in the heart of the Rosenheimer platz, Krissi and Natalie transformed an empty space into a inviting wooden setting and nearly three years ago, opened the doors of Kaffee Kueche.

Kaffee Kueche

Kaffee Kueche – by Sarah Porsack

Déjà vu or just Dory-memory syndrome, the shabby chic decor and handmade  furniture, did get me wondering  whether i was really entering the place for the first time.

I always try to speak to the people behind the scenes of every cafe I visit, but before introducing myself and Bean Me Up Kaldi, I take the time to watch the place. At Kaffee Kueche, my first impression was – smiley people! Customers and staff alike.

Natalie & Krissi

Natalie & Krissi – by Arvid Uhlig

The spot is favoured by the ladies. Whom seem to be attracted not only by the feminine touches around the cafe, but also the healthy offering on the menu. A tasty selection of but not only vegan dishes, salads, breakfast options and mouth-watering cakes.

Kaffee kueche

By Arvid Uhlig

By now, you will probably have noticed that coffee is the engine behind BMUK and myself, so the brew served at the cafe was a tasty surprise –  a dark roast by the specialty coffee roaster Emilo.

It displayed the traditional chocolate and caramel notes of a dark profile but without the burnt aftertaste. Just as Necado Kaffeeladen, Emilo confirmed that it is specialty coffee and quality dark roast can walk hand in hand.

Emilo coffee roaster

By Arvid Uhlig

A pretty setting, good coffee and outdoor seating area?! I have to say, Kaffee Kueche is checking quite a few boxes.

Weißenburger Str. 6, 81667






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