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The easiest way for a cafe to win me over, apart from coffee of course, is their choice of music. Sway me to the smooth voice of Sinatra and I will compromise on almost anything. So imagine my delight when I entered Necado Kaffeeladen to a refined selection of Bossa Nova (Brazilian jazz) and the enchanting aroma of good coffee.

The cafe is located right in the middle of buzzy Schwabing. I have walked past it many times but a modest facade made Necado easy to miss and it remained a secret until one too many mentions by readers and friends.

It is not a cafe as per say, it has a bit of an Italian espresso bar flair. Perfect for the busy office workers, parents on a school run to pop by for a caffeine fix on their way.

necado kaffeeladen muenchen

(Necado’s Facebook)

Another nice thing about it is, as the space/furniture are limited and every morning the same customers come in,  people are forced to put their smartphones away and interact with each other while waiting for their coffees. Cool, huh?!

As for the coffee, I am a strong believer that there can be good coffee outside of the light notes of the third wave.

Necado proves my point by offering smooth medium to dark espresso based beverages that are pleasing on the palate. They bring out the sweetness of the beans allowing you, if you haven’t yet, to venture out of the strong spell of sugar with coffee without traumatizing your taste buds with a bitter after taste.

Necado's own roast!

Necado’s own roast!

A jack of many trades will most likely end up being master of none, so at Necado you will not find much more than croissants and biscuits to go with your brew. To save day, there are great bakeries in the area.

The cafe is owned by David Brinkmann, a young entrepreneur who with a degree in hands decided not to wait until retirement to live his dream and after two years of preparation and training, opened his coffee shop in 2012.

David calls the shots at Necado and from Tuesday to Saturday he stands behind the espresso machine pulling them too.

The man behind the machine at Necado!

The man behind the machine at Necado!

It is clear that his relationship with customers goes beyond preparing their coffee. They are on first name basis and seem up to date with each others life affairs. I love how coffee always bring people together.

Tasting different brews is definitely a perk of writing about coffee but just as much I cherish the opportunity to hear the stories behind the cafes and their people. Necado inspired me to believe that with focus and effort,  living your dreams can not only be possible but also pay your bills.

February 1st is Necado’s 5th anniversary make sure to pop by to congratulate David on his achievement and grab yourself a cup while you are at it.




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