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As I researched third wave cafes for an article I had published about specialty coffee in Munich last summer, I came across Vits der Kaffee and have been quite fond of the place since.

Vits der Kaffee

Vits der Kaffee

Although at first sight the cafe does not seem to fit the the third wave criteria, the specialty coffee element is visibly, I mean tastefully at Vits. The baristas and the setting, however, are unpretentious and welcoming.

One will not feel intimidated by the fancy coffee apparatus or for not being fluent in the “beanalect” spoken among the experts working there.


Through a brew and a friendly chat, the guys behind the scene at Vits introduce their customers to lighter roasts and gradually do away with the acidic myths surrounding specialty coffee. As you can imagine, converting traditional coffee drinkers into the new wave, is a rather complex task. If you are not interested in such a change, it’s okay too. Vits won’t judge.


Located on the borders of the vibrant Glockenbach neighborhood, the cafe seems to attract a more mature clientele. Office workers, local residents and of course as its reputation would have it, Vits is a point of reference for the coffee connoisseurs of Munich.


A jack of many trades will most likely end up being master of none, so you will find a small selection of light meals, soups, some Thai inspired dishes. Nothing gastronomically wowing but they will suffice your lunch break needs.

Whether you are just looking for some coffee and cake or to expand your coffee knowledge, I would recommend a visit to Vits. They offer coffee seminars where you can try your feet at some latte art or explore the many ways you can have your filter coffee at home.


Note, Vits der Kaffee has inspired and educated many cafes around the city – Café Blá and Necado just to name a couple, so be prepared to learn from the pioneers of the Third wave in Munich.

Rumfordstraße 49, 80469


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