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It’s officially winter in the northern hemisphere and the days here in Munich are freezing and often grey. So after a long day researching and trying to understand what lies beyond funny cat videos on Facebook when it comes to social media, I plucked up the courage to venture out and off to Vogelmaier cafe I went.

For those who know me, my dubious sense of direction is an endless source of amusement. For myself, however, it means unnecessarily longer walks and frustration at realizing I’ve taken the metro on the wrong platform – again. So as I walked into Vogelmaier, I was pleased to find refuge from the busy Einsteinstrasse and to feel my toes.

Good first impression, hey?!

Good first impression, hey?!

The cafe

Einsteinstraße 125, 81675 München

The elegance of the rustic décor and the fragrance of coffee roasted in their towering Probat create a living room-like atmosphere. To be honest, the design had me as soon as I laid my eyes at the Portuguese tiles feature behind bar. The ambiance is just what you want to enjoy one of the soups or cakes available and just watch life go by.

VogelMaier cafe

VogelMaier cafe

In between sips of their Christmas brew – a delicious and well-balanced blend of El Salvadorian and African beans – I heard Christiane Maier’s tales of how her husband Stefan Vogelgesang and herself embarked on a quest in Germany at  the Berlin’s school of coffee and farms in  Rwanda, El Salvador and beyond to learn about coffee from origin to cup, before opening their cafe last August.

On their visits to countries of origin of the bean, they met and developed relationships with the farmers and knew from the beginning that cutting the middle man would not only promote sustainability within the industry but also be a profitable way to source their beans.

Vogelmaier cafe

With the classic German efficiency, the couple run all aspects of the business. If I judge by the sparkle in Christiane’s eyes as she spoke of Vogelmaier and Stefan’s meticulous coffee-making ritual I noticed from the corner of my eye, this cafe has a bright future ahead.

During my visit, I observed a few customers came in specifically for the roasts on sale. I guess, the word has already spread that one can find good coffee over there.

Vogelmaier's roasts.

Vogelmaier’s roasts.

Vogelmaier does not have, intentionally, the hip flair of the third wave coffee scene. Its charm appeals, perhaps to an older crowd. That being said, specialty coffee does not have demographic boundaries and good coffee connects all walks of life.

The cafe is still a secret gem far from the hustle of the touristic areas. So take the tip of an almost local and pop in for good coffee.

The team!

The team!

Say hello to the Vogelmaier team for me!






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