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“Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late.” Muttered a smartly dressed white rabbit as he hurried into his hole, unintentionally leading young and curious Alice into the mazes of wonderland. Fancy a little bit of magic?! So follow me into the White Rabbit’s Room and have a taste of Alice’s adventure while having a coffee.

A peek into the White Rabbit's room.

A peek into the White Rabbit’s room.

The White Rabbit’s Room as any other fairy tale location has its own magic potion. A dark, strong and unfortunately almost burnt beverage.

Legend says its bewitching aroma and power are often the only way to keep one’s sanity and most drinkers are cursed to eternal dependence. Hello, I am a coffeeaholic and will justify my addiction by mystifying it.

Coffee and cake

The portal to the White Rabbit’s Room is a busy corner on Franziskanerstrasse, just a few minutes walk from Rosenheimer Platz. Look carefully not to miss it.

Little creatures aka children and their guardians are welcome in the Rabbit’s whimsical room. The host cared to adjust the space to accommodate the little ones.

There is a separate parking area for prams and the restroom has changing facilities as well as steps to assist the children to reach the sink.

Small gestures go a long way and in times where most establishments seem annoyed with the presence of children, it is refreshing to find a spot where mothers and fathers can enjoy a brew without feeling they are a nuisance.

I love to watch children discovering the world around them but sometimes I need to enjoy a cup of coffee with some peace and quiet – I know, the perks of not being a mother. So if I need to work or can’t excuse the noise, I refrain from complaining and just look for a quieter cafe, Vogelmaier maybe.

The White Rabbit’s “maids” are attentive and run the place smoothly. They offer his guests a selection of homemade breakfast and lunch options. Nothing fancy but seems to please the crowd.

breakfast munich white rabbit room

In Wonderland, mister Rabbit is always late and stressful, in Munich however he has become a business rabbit and sells beautiful crockery and many other cute trinkets making his room a good spot for window shopping too.


” Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality” Lewis Carroll – Alice in Wonderland.

Franziskanerstr. 19 81669

PS. All pictures kindly from the White Rabbit’s Room website.



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