Coffee art meets wildlife awareness

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It is interesting how coffee manages to permeate almost all aspects of our lives. Economy, politics, religion, fashion you name it and there is a high likelihood that coffee will be somehow involved.

Flicking through some pictures on Instagram, I came across some outstanding coffee art. No, it was not on top of a flat white or a latte, it was portraits of wild animals painted with coffee. Now, how often do you see something like that?

Wildlife animal

Curiosity sparked, I got in touch with the artist behind those paintings and had a coffee over a nice Skype chat. So let me introduce you to Stefani Georgieva.

Stefani is originally from Bulgaria and is almost at the finishing line of her arts degree in Cardiff. She speaks fondly of her childhood and shares how her upbringing played an utmost role in her art and involvement with raising awareness of the dangers wild animals are urgently facing.

“I was raised to respect all forms of life, so much that as a child I couldn’t even hit a rock with feeling guilty” smiled Stefani.

Stefani Georgieva

Stefani Georgieva

She is in touch with many wildlife protection organizations and shares her knowledge about the imminent risk of extinction of many species.

Greed knows no boundary and because wild animals don’t really feature in our daily lives, it is easy to become oblivious. Through her paintings, Stefani seeks to bring this noble cause a little closer to people’s realities.

The coffee in her work was the initial attraction for me and when I found out that she came across coffee as a painting material by chance, I was even more impressed by her talent. “I was visiting my mother and she was adamant to have me paint something for her, as I didn’t have my material with me I had to improvise with coffee and it was a huge success in the family.”

Beautiful textures and nuances.

Beautiful textures and nuances.

As a resourceful and natural material, coffee art seem to be a new trend. I have encountered some quite cool stuff on the internet and was amazed at what people achieve with coffee and a brush.

However, Stefani’s work stands out for its meaningful approach not only on the creation process (which must smell divinely) but also by sharing a percentage of the profit with wildlife focused organizations.

elephant coffee painting

“Why do I write books? Why do I think? Why should I be passionate? Because things could be different, they could be made better” enlightened me Zygmut Bauman. I love hearing and telling stories, the “whys” in people tales often shed a new perspective into what they do.


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