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Walking the streets of Prague is like getting lost in a fairy tale. The romantic architecture of the colourful buildings of the old town and the Gothic shapes of the cathedrals of the city had me turning my head in awe at every new discovery both times I visited the Czech capital.

On my most recent visit a few weeks ago, for romantic reasons of my own, Prague made it to the competitive list of my favourite places. To make the city even more appealing, I could confirm/experience a little bit of its young and energetic coffee scene.


One of the joys of visiting a place for the second time is that you are in no rush to get to the “must-sees” instead can just observe and appreciate the details that you would probably have missed otherwise. In that mind-set and with the indispensable assistance of google maps, we searched and not so long later arrived at Ema Espresso Bar.

Ema Espresso Bar - Prague

Ema Espresso Bar – Prague

The long queue raised my curiosity and eagerness to try their coffee. As you know not everything that shines is gold and not every cafe with a name is more than just a hype.

We ordered a couple of iced filtered brews which at the time was the beans roasted in Munich by JB Roasters and waited for the crafty barista to work his magic. Good coffee requires a little extra time to be prepared and with the high volume of business of the Saturday afternoon, we took the this time as an opportunity to engage in some people watching.

ema espresso bar coffee

Verdict?! Despite the contradictory reviews, the first fact that struck us was that Ema Espresso Bar had the least hipster crowd we had ever seen in a “typical” 3rd wave cafe. Families and what seemed like groups of old friends as well as the lone readers filled the white walled cafe with friendly chatter and smiles. Everyone seemed to be having a good day.

Coffee duel - V60 vs Aeropress

Coffee duel – V60 vs Aeropress

In between sips of coffee and passionate discussions, we concluded that one’s under confidence is just as off-putting as the opposite and that the V60 brew allowed a clearer taste compared to Aeropress. And yes, at Ema Espresso Bar what shines is definitely gold.

Ema Espresso BarNa Florenci 3, 110 00 Praha 1.

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