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Autumn has always been to me the most beautiful season. There is something about it that alludes to fairy tales and makes me nostalgic for a life that never was.

The warm nuances of slow falling leaves, transforms the buzz of summer into serene longer evenings that soothe my soul.

The lights gradually sparkling around the city and the chilly breeze that blows an enchanting scent, makes me romanticize these days and speculate whether autumn is a cunning distraction of Nature that precedes the bleakness of the winter or a charming display of resilience.

autumn leaf

Nature gracefully striping its layers off with the acceptance necessary to face the inevitable and the certainty that everything will run its course and it will again flourish into the bright colours of spring.

Hoover&Floyd – the cafe

On this grey Saturday afternoon in November, as I sit on a comfortable vintage armchair at Hoover&Floyd, the mix of the old classics songs, elegant furniture and the delicacy of the crockery take me back to a time I never lived but that nurtures my curiosity and fascination.

The lighting is dimmed just enough to highlight the shape and pastel colours of the lamps around the room and the beauty of the differently styled walls. In some places a shade of green in others golden or floral wallpaper and to my delight the bricks on the wall just behind where i sit, adds a charming touch of rustic refinery.

Hoover&Floyd - beautiful!

Hoover&Floyd – beautiful!

Whilst the coffee I sip does not impress the palate, it is pleasant enough to prompt some compromise. And Hoover&Floyd’s tasty range of meals, paninis, cakes and breakfast options certainly makes up for it.


The cafe seems to be the local’s favourite. Suddenly, it became crowded, which makes it a great spot for one of my favourites pastimes – watching the peculiarities of the human behaviour – despite the considerably loud chatters.

The atmosphere created by the two young ladies running the place, is friendly and welcoming, but not to the point you would feel like a customer. They move efficiently around and with a glance are able to spot if anything or anyone needs attention.


Always spotless!

Maybe, that is why the only thing out of place were cake crumbles that a playful toddler couldn’t handle with the same dexterity some adults do.


Walking out of Hoover&Floyd, felt like walking into a different era. The pretty flowers displayed on the tables outside, made me wonder how pleasant it might be to sit there for a Hugo or two to recover from the blues of the winter.

Hoover&Floyd –  Ickstattstraße 2, 80469 München

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