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Vits der KaffeeVits der Kaffee

After encountering some confused expressions every time I told someone of a new third wave cafe or how each brewing method highlights specific nuances of coffee. I realized that specialty coffee is still in its early days and that third wave is an unfamiliar concept to most coffee drinkers.

Although the idea is often dismissed a few facts down a conversation. It also sparkles some interest. Novelty and the unknown, however, are commonly received with a hint or a lot of suspicion. With specialty coffee this suspicion is accompanied by the misconception that when not dark coffee has to be sour.

Some coffee shops have also noticed the growing appeal of specialty coffee and through knowledgeable baristas and their roasting profiles. They create a bridge to introduce the curious coffee lover to the lighter side of the bean.

So if you are in Munich and want to explore a bit more about specialty coffee but are not quite ready for a fruity brew. The following three cafes will open your eyes and taste buds to new ways of drinking coffee.

Vits der kaffee 

Rumfordstraße 49, 80469 München

The rustic big bags of coffee ornamentally spread around the cafe and the delicious aroma of the beans being roasted in house put you right in the mood to enjoy good coffee.

Vits der Kaffee

Vits der Kaffee

One of the charms of Vits is its laid back approach. It’s a 3rd wave cafe and the specialty coffee element is visibly, I mean tastefully there, but the baristas and the setting are unpretentious and welcoming. Gradually, they do away with the acidic myths surrounding specialty coffee.

This cafe is a popular spot for locals looking to grab a quick meal on their lunch break or just talk some hours away with good company and coffee.

vits der kaffee

Standl 20

Elisabethmarkt, Elisabethpl. Stand Nr. 20, 80796 München

First of all, it is probably the cutest cafe in town! Coffee wise, if you have heard of JB roasters you know quality takes a front seat for these guys and at Standl 20 where their blends are showcased, the baristas don’t disappoint either.

Standl 20 by Florian Konrad

Standl 20 by Florian Konrad

In fact, Paul von Tettenborn’s and Johannes Bayer’s team seem to brighten up the days of the locals of Schwabing with their liveliness and knowledge.

To the coffee drinkers who are not quite third wavers but still intrigued, the Standl 20 espresso blend’s low acidity and full body will present a new side of coffee without scaring their taste buds away and lead them on the path to lighter roasts.

By Florian Konrad

By Florian Konrad


Kapuzinerstraße 12, 80337 München

This cafe is simply delightful. Run by Andreas Postrach, a coffee lover with first hand experience working with farmers in Ecuador.

The cafe is classy and my cup of tea when it comes to the soundtrack – jazzy melodies – it always takes me to daydream land in a second. Good place to work and catch up with friends.

Gang&Gaebe - Markus Postrach

Gang&Gaebe – Markus Postrach

The quality of the beans is unquestionable. The roasting profiles much lighter than the Italian but not quite as light as the 3rd wave spectrum would suggest. Andreas is quite optimistic and thinks that with time he will move towards his beloved light roasts and take his customers along on the ride.

Specialty coffee - Markus Postrach

Specialty coffee – Markus Postrach

As an Italian espresso lover and a 3rd wave enthusiast I have to say, these cafes are a refreshing spot between waves. Great places to introduce my skeptical friends and family to the third wave and for me to venture into the specialty coffee world a little further.
















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